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On Discoverability

The greatest challenge facing .NET developers today is discoverability - finding information and answers that already exist. Like most developers, I find myself spending a great deal of time searching for answers or solutions online, much of that time on Google. SearchDotNet is based on Google Custom Search technology to search the very best .NET related sites and forums to help make searches more effective, while filtering out unrelated or duplicate content.

Site Features

  • OpenSearch support: If you're using Firefox 2.0 or IE7 (or other OpenSearch client), you can add SearchDotNet to your list of search engines. Just follow these simple instructions.
  • Google Gadgets: Add SearchDotNet to your website, Google home page or Google Desktop.
  • Component search engine: Distinct Custom Search Engine includes the sites of hundreds of component vendors.
  • Book site: Top rated .NET related books.

Recommend a Site

Do you know of a site that should be searched by this custom search engine? Or would you like to add another custom search engine to this directory? Visit our recommendations page.

Other Custom Search Engines

Naturally, many others are creating .NET search engines as well. My focus with this search engine will be on quality of results over quantity - so I'm going to be fairly restrictive on the sites I include, focusing on sites with significant quality content, those with significant forum activities (where one is likely to find questions that have been answered), and "expert" sites - those with more advanced content written by experts in the field.

I believe there is going to be room for many different approaches, so as I find out about other .NET search engines, I'll list them here as I find out about them.


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