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On Tools and Components

As a long time component vendor, I'm a firm believer in code reuse (whether it's buying components, or using open source software, or building on existing code). This custom search engine is designed to search exclusivley through sites of .NET software component and tools vendors including open source projects.

With over 400 vendor and open source sites, my hope is that you will find it a good supplement both to regular searches and to the various ecommerce sites that sell .NET software (that typically search through their own site, but not the control vendors' sites).

On Search Integrity

While I do run a component vendor (, and Desaware is included in the list of sites covered by this custom search engine, I would like to stress the following: Desaware is being treated identically to every other site on the list - no added weighting or other manipulation of the results. Desaware (like every other vendor site) is not included in the main search engine. Companies that compete (directly or indirectly) with Desaware's products are included in this search engine without discrimination.

OpenSearch support

OpenSearch support: If you're using Firefox 2.0 or IE7 (or other OpenSearch client), you can add the SearchDotNet component search to your list of search engines. Just browse to the home page and go to your search engine selection/management toolbar button.

Recommend a Site

Do you know of a site that should be searched by this custom search engine? Or would you like to add another custom search engine to this directory? Visit our recommendations page.

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